The lice products Diaries

Professional Lice Removal and also Lice Therapy
We offer Lice Removal, Lice Treatment, Nit Removal, Nit Therapy, Head Lice Therapy as well as Head Lice Removal Center in the Denver Metro Location, 100% Assured, Be Lice as well as Nit Free in One Treatment!
Our seasoned as well as careful technicians are extensively trained by the Shepherd Institute research center.
What is the Guard Approach?
The Guard Approach strand-by-strand strategy that manually removes the nits. It's an exceptionally extensive process, which requires lots of actions. We use a secure non-toxic product to help loosen up the eggs. Next off, we do a detailed comb-out with our lice and also nit removing comb. This action eliminates most of the pests as well as eggs. Finally we analyze each hair of hair for any kind of missed out on nits, and after that do an additional final round of brushing making use of oil.
Strand-by-Strand Technique Removes Lice and Nits
Our accredited lice elimination therapy specialists use the tried and tested Shepherd Technique to remove all the lice and nits no person wants left behind. This procedure is a lot more reliable than any other treatment. Although there are some products and also hot air solutions that declare they kill all nits, nothing takes them off the hair strand without hand-operated elimination. Refraining from doing so brings about re-infestation, yet however, do you want hair with dead lice and live nits or hair without lice as well as NO nits?

One of our pleasant, caring and educated professionals or team member will certainly greet you.

If you have not formerly saw us, you will be asked to submit our private customer info kind.

When the kinds are completed, a technician will certainly bring you and also your household to our therapy area. Kids can view TELEVISION.

If there is a lice episode at your college, anticipate to wait if you have not made an appointment.

Service technicians will use risk-free products and extensively brush the hair to get rid of all lice as well as nits.

The process for each individual being treated ought to take around 2 hrs, although for kids it could take much less time. The process could be longer than 2 hours depending on the cooperation, size and density of hair, exactly how entangled the hair is, as well as amount of infestation.

A professional will examine to see if any other relative has lice. Just if lice or nits are located is treatment suggested. You do not need to pay added to have all members of the same household inspected. Also a person with really brief hair need to be examined. Time permitting, if lice or nits are located on various other family members, we will certainly treat quickly.

You will certainly need to make appointments for 2 15 min follow-up visits within a 2 week duration. Only by keeping these appointments lice treatment can we guarantee that no more contact with lice exists.

You may want to enlighten yourself while in our center. Take advantage of this moment to find out more concerning Head lice. We have plenty of reviewing material, including an example copy of LICE GUIDANCE and also we are constantly happy to address questions you may have. Education and learning is the best method to assist protect against future reoccurrences!

Head lice are tiny six-legged blood-sucking parasites. Each leg is outfitted with a claw, enabling the lice to understand onto the shaft of the kid's hair. They can vary in color from grayish white to red brown. Head lice, like chameleons, have the ability to adapt to their environment.

The female louse lays her eggs by gluing them to your hair shafts. She will generate approximately 200 eggs in her life time. Eggs, or nits as they're generally called, generally hatch out in 7 to 10 days. As soon as hatched out, they have a life expectancy of roughly 1 month.

Lice are wingless as well as can not jump or fly. They can, however, action with outstanding rates.

They depend on human blood for survival. A louse divided from its human host will seldom survive more than 24 hours.

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